Strategic Industry-University Partnerships

Together with Lars Frolund (MIT) and university-relations-professionals from 8 global companies, I have written a book on how innovative companies work with universities.

We argue that there are several success-factors for strategic collaboration, including selecting the right topics and partners, matching the collaboration format, having an organzation and dedicated people for university relations and evaluating the cooperations regularly. The book is published by Elsevier Academic Press.

From this work, we have derived a university partnership canvas to help companies structuring their approach to strategic university partnerships. The paper introducing the canvas appeared at MIT Sloan Management Review.

Entanglement of atoms in microwave near-field potentials

From 2007 until 2011 I was working on an experiment employing a so called 'atom chip' which uses microfibricated wires on a substrate to coherently manipulate ultracold atoms. Microwave near-fields are used on the atom chip to generate potentials which depend on the atomic internal state. With these state-dependent potentials trapped-atom interferometry is performed. Atomic collisions in the potential enable preparation of spin-squeezed and many-particle entangled states. This technique is also very promising for the implementation of chip-based quantum gates. For more information, see my publications or visit the Treutlein group's website.

Coherent slowing of ultrasonic atom beams

In 2005/06 I was working in Prof. M. G. Raizen's group at the University of Texas on a new way to slow a supersonic atom beam of ground state noble gas. For this, the beam is elastically reflected from a single-crystal mirror mounted on the tip of a spinning rotor. We were able to achieve a significant reduction in beam velocity while retaining the low beam temperature.

Selected publications

Journal articles

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Strategic Industry-University Partnerships – How innovative companies work with universities

Editors: L. Frolund, M. F. Riedel

ISBN: 9780128109892

Elsevier Academic Press (2018)